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the main attraction of "The Mummy" was the Sophia Boatel. She is the first woman in the series who played the role of "Mummy". His performance was more vivid and spontaneous than everyone else.
Russell Crowe was always in the role of his "Doctor Jacqueline", but the character did not agree with the series "The Mummy". "Doctor Jackie" is a classic English novel by which producer Alex Kurtzman did not show up in this picture.
Though the previous films of "The Mummy" series were set in the 1970s to the 1980s, this year's story is set in the present. Some parts of the film are seen in Pyramid-famous Egypt but the rest of the group is seen in London. It has damaged the mystery and attraction of this movie. The film was totally action-oriented, which has long been thought to have been scripted for scripts.
Compared with mummy-based previous films, this film has played a lot of stars and low-cost stars. Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabel Wallis, and Sophia Boutelas have shown their talent in this movie.
The final scenes of the film give a glimpse of the next episode. At the end of Climax, Tom Cruise turned to the sunset with his reborn friend, it was understood that we will see much more episodes of this story.


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