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Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) and Heim (Havier Bardem), both were living happily together. There was no third person in their life, but the hard-hitting attempt of Mother Earth's heaven and the effort to keep her engaged in any work without any hesitation was easily buried. One night, their peace came to an unexpected guest (Ed Harris). He very gladly accepted him. He invited them to stay at home. But mother did not think too much about this. There was a kind of shyness in his mind. What
does it mean to allow such a stranger to stay in their home? Though she expresses her objection, she
can not speak on frost. It is obliged to let the stranger stay. It was just so far. But soon an unknown woman (Michelle Fisher) appeared at their door. He or she is at home again
The wife of the stranger taking refuge Heyem lets him stay at home. Mother can not understand what is happening. Where did this woman appear again? That guy did not say that he has a wife. And why is her husband Him e why?
The couple are so easy to stay in their home? On the other hand, they happen in their home; Everything is going to change

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