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Dunkirk is not a complete war movie. This is a kind of savioral movie, the movie itself to feel that time. 'Dunkirk' is different from all types of War movies. Dankirk, which may have changed the whole world's fate!
There is nothing to talk about story-line. Because Dunkirk is built on the very true historical fact. Dunkirk is colorally colored in his own color. It was only necessary to present that time in front of the audience. And that showed Nolan.
Harry Styles has done a great role as her first movie. Screen-time is also good. Tom Hardy is as unique as ever. His whole appearance was seen in the movie for only a few seconds. As a pilot air balloon, the screen shook itself with a pair of eyes and eyebrows. Experienced Kenneth Branah, Mark Rylans, Kielan Murphy is absolutely perfect. Dunkirk is most fascinated by me playing Fiona Whahahed In the movie the dialogue is very low, but just by expression and acting it has recovered Castings all.Cinematography was the whole movie.
'Dunkirk' and Nolan's other Dream Project. Since his visit to France in 1986, he wanted to make a movie with Duncan. After 25 years, his desire was fulfilled. Nolan shot almost the whole film after going to the very real Duncan Beach. There is no VFX curriculum. He made Dunkirk right in front of the 1940s on screen.All 106 minutes of movie all the time enjoyable. Do not say that 'Dunkirk' or 'Nolan Oscar' will tell the time.

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