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Originally 'Suicide Squad' is a team formed by showing the greed of the release of some dangerous criminals; Under whose supervision is the director of an unnamed government agency- Amanda Waller Squad Leader Deadshot: An Expert Markman He has a great ability to shoot gunshot shoots from far away. The innocent people around the neighborhood started firing on Batman without doing so.
Batman again arranged to capture him and send him to jail. From there, Amanda Waller appointed him on a suicidal squad. Hurley Quinn, an important member of the suicide squad, is not a superpower player. His skill in 'Hand to Hand Combat' is remarkable. Apart from working with eight ivies for a long time, many serious poisons cannot do any physical harm to them.
For this photo, the whole five minutes of breathing down the water have to be closed by Margot Robi.
Margot Robi said that he had stopped breathing for a long time during training. The 26-year-old Australian commentator says, 'I got five minutes. It was as easy as I thought the time was much more than that. I do not think the clock is going to spin! 'You can take a look at the film.


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